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Optimized production equipment

Establishment of HACCP, GMP and spray drying & freeze drying facilities
Established Korea's largest aging fermentation facility


Commercialization of advanced technology

Fermentation engineering professor (CEO Jeong Yong-jin) and other professional R&D personnel
Realization of direct commercialization, development of customized products


Scientification of fermentation technology

The world's best based on differentiated technology
Development & production of new fermented materials


A specialized fermentation company that aims to create corporate value

Fermentation specialist

KMF Co., Ltd., a university venture company founded by Professor Jeong Yong-jin of Keimyung University’s Fermentation Engineering Laboratory, has built a database of 300 domestic and foreign papers and 80 patent registrations.

Creative development

We developed world-class water-soluble calcium, low-molecular-weight grain enzymes, and sodium-reduced salt, and commercialized health functional foods and individually approved materials.

Scientific production

We directly develop fermented beverages, health functional foods, and biomaterials, establish the largest fermentation system in Korea, and produce them in a scientific way.


Fermentation Materials Lab

HPLC, GC, shaking incubator, constant temperature incubator, shaking constant temperature bath,
pH meter, autoclave, 40 kinds of products including Clean Bench, Jar-fermenter, and Spectrometer

Fermentation specialist

We are a company that researches, develops and produces food, cosmetics, bio-functional materials and finished products with differentiated technologies of eco-friendly materials, pure microorganisms and enzymes.


Raw material

Production of various and abundant organic acids
Non-detection of residual alcohol through fermentation process management



Fermentation Technology Created by combining black soybean and yeast
Protein Robust vegetable protein


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